Boost your Marketing ROI with Automatic eMail from E2Marketing

If you send email on a regular basis then you should consider switching to Automatic eMail from E2Marketing. With Automatic eMail, you spend more time developing focused content for your subscribers and less time on the process of building a newsletter.

Email is a cost effective channel through which to deliver focused content to your subscribers or target audience. If however you send email on a regular basis you will need something other than the traditional cloud based email providers.

Here are some of the ways Automatic eMail saves you time and money

  • Make your website the center on your marketing universe
  • Build great content once and reuse it in your marketing campaigns
  • Create posts, pages and events and let Automatic eMail do the rest
  • Automatic eMail pulls content based on categories and delivers it to selected subscriber in-boxes
  • Schedule Automatic eMail for daily, weekly or monthly delivery
  • Automatic eMail will deliver an email to new subscribers


Beautiful Newsletters delivered automatically to your target audience




How it Works





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