Here are some commonly asked questions about websites, internet architecture, WordPress and more.

What Backup Software Do You Use?

We offer either Backup Buddy Licensing or VaultPress Cloud service. These products both offer secure backup and restore features. The main difference is that Backup Buddy gets installed into your site as a licensed plugin while VaultPress is a Cloud service that you...

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Can I Get Support?

We offer all our customers comprehensive support services.  Once your website is operational, there maybe things you want to change that you don’t feel qualified to tackle or you just don’t have time to handle.  Whether it’s something minor or a major overhaul we are...

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Can I Be The Webmaster?

Absolutely! We offer all our website customers a 2 hour Introduction to WordPress training course. It is designed to give you the tools and skills you need to maintain aspects of your website.  We offer our training course on-site or via desktop sharing technology for...

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The WordPress CMS Platform

We build all our websites on the WordPress CMS Platform. WordPress is the industry leading platform for building scalable secure websites. There are over 60 million websites that use the WordPress CMS - that is nearly 15% of the Top 1 Million Sites. One major benefit...

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What is a CMS?

CMS – Content Management System’s offer a great deal of flexibility to web designers and content owners alike.  A CMS stores and indexes all the content elements used in your website in an SQL back-end database.  Separating the content from the interface means you can...

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What is Responsive Web Design?

Most websites are built to work well on desktop PC screen - they do not translate well to Smartphones and tablets. Responsive Design allows your website to dynamically re-size and rearrange its content to fit any screen size. Learn more

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