E2Marketing Year In Review 2017

Thanks to you, we had a super exciting year. We helped bring home the 6th Annual ITPalooza and we built some exciting new websites. We also launched a completely new product called OnePage, a website solution for entrepreneurs, startups, reboots, and side-hustles. Not to mention WoofWoofTees.com, a platform for delivering on-demand T-Shirt Printing and other items for community groups.

Let’s dive in and take a look back at 2017

This year we helped manage, support and promote some terrific events.



Ticket Sales and Sponsorship dollars



People attended our client events



Events Promoted for the SoFlo Community



Client Events Managed and Promoted

Managing this much activity without E2Marketing would have been quite a chore.

You could do-it-yourself but when would you have time to sleep?

3,192 Hours

Managing Client Activities

391 Days

Equivalent Person Days

13.6 Hours

Saved with LastPass password manager. Thanks for your trust!

Pictures and Galleries

If you don’t have a picture, it didn’t happen – right?



Pix shot with the Olympus and Nikon DSLRs



Event Galleries for your pleasure

Speakers, Presenters, Panels

What’s an event without the regions top tech and subject matter experts?

E2Marketing helped stage over 200 Speakers at our 17 managed events.

What About The Interwebs?

Your website is the center of your marketing universe

Just in case you thought we’re only about event promotion, think again. E2Marketing designs, builds, and manages websites for some of the regions top non-profits, tech groups and companies.

Page Views


Our clients get a lot of eyeballs

Websites and Domains

23 & 67

The number of websites and domains under our management

Securing your Assets

We take security seriously, so should you!

E2Marketing employs a series of technologies, platforms, and techniques to help ward off the dangers that exist out there.

Malicious Attacks


Stopped by our firewall technology


Spam Comments


Caught and sidelined before you ever see them



Passwords managed by LastPass – keeping your accounts safe and our platforms less vulnerable



E2Marketing protects our client’s website data with daily and real-time backup technology.

SoFlo Non-profits

Here are just a few of the non-profit companies that trust us with their websites and marketing

Thank you for making 2017 such a great year. We work hard every day to ensure success for you and your clients. There is no greater compliment than your endorsement. Kindly consider E2Marketing for your next website or marketing project.

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