E2Marketing Year In Review 2018

During 2018, we built on the success of 2017. We launched CheckIn®, our Full-Service, On-Site Attendee Badge Printing, and Check-in Service. We used CheckIn® to flawlessly process attendee badges for almost 3000 visitors to local events during 2018. We’re also working on a few Top Secret Projects that we’ll reveal during the coming months.

Here’s what made 2018 so splendiferous!

New Year, New Logo

After many years sporting the familiar E2Marketing logo, we’ve made a switch to a simpler, cleaner logo that represents the broader range of services we offer today.

Rounding out Event Management

We’ve been offering full-service event management for many years and we’ve seen the need for a comprehensive on-site, real-time attendee badge printing solution. So we built one!

We now offer the most complete event management and marketing solution:

Conference Management Plugin for WordPress

Event Landing pages

eCommerce solutions for Sponsorship and Ticketing

eMail event marketing

Signage and print collateral

Full-service, on-site badge printing

Print Name Badges

On-site, on-demand Attendee Name Badge printing ensures that every guest receives a professionally printed badge. Save time and money with on-site, on-demand badge printing. No more late nights preparing pre-printed badges and no more wastage due to no-shows.

Full Service

Full service means full-service. We take care of everything on the day (and pre-event). We set-up and break-down the gear, we work with you to optimize your ticketing so you get the best badge results, we supply all the consumable like badge stock, badge holders, lanyards, etc. We’ll even train your volunteers to assist your guests through the process.

Kiosk Experience

Your guests deserve the best event experience from the very first moment. Experience our rapid check-in process based on self-service kiosks – predictive typing finds guest info fast and 1-tap prints a custom attendee name badge with ticket filtering such as “VIP”.

Click or Tap the button to learn how CheckIn® can elevate your next event.

SoFlo Non-profits

Here are just a few of the non-profit companies that trust us with their events, websites and marketing.

Thank you for making 2018 such a great year. We work hard every day to ensure success for you and your clients. There is no greater compliment than your endorsement. Kindly consider E2Marketing for your next event, website or marketing project.

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