E2Marketing – Small Business Engagement in a Nutshell

E2Marketing – Small Business Engagement in a Nutshell

Our Elevator Pitch

“Do you know how complicated it is for a small company to develop and maintain an online marketing presence without becoming overwhelmed by the cost and complexity? What we do is build online Marketing Machines that allow our customers to take control of their online marketing and achieve their marketing goals. The benefit is that they can more effectively reach their target audience, generate more leads and convert more sales all while building brand loyalty.”

What’s a Marketing Machine?

A Marketing Machine a set of tools and work-flows designed to automate many of the complex marketing processes needed to effectively promote your non-profit group, event, company, product or service.

Typically, a Marketing Machine has several components:

  • A simple, well structured website, with some or all of these tools:
    • A call to action
    • Blog
    • Gallery
    • Event Calendar
    • Contact Form
    • List building tools
    • Lead generation tools
    • Social sharing options
    • Social media integration
    • SEO management
  • Newsletter
  • Google Analytics

These components cover the basics of Inbound Marketing, Customer Outreach and Response Measurement. Additional components may include eCommerce, Membership platform, Event management, Ticketing and Sponsorship.

Ask about building a Marketing Machine for your business [email protected]

PDF version – E2Marketing – Small Business Engagement in a Nutshell

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I'm Steve, the founder of E2Marketing and I work hard every day to ensure our customers receive the best experience from their websites and marketing services. When I'm not at my desk working. I can be found on my bike cycling around South Florida, thinking about work.

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