Here are some commonly asked questions about websites, internet architecture, WordPress and more.

How much will my website cost?

"How much will it cost?" This is often the first question a new client asks. Typically the answer is "It depends". Building a website is a lot like building a house - the contractor is going to have a lot of questions. How many bedroom and bathrooms will you need,...

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What about SEO

A lot is made of SEO and for good reason. WordPress has some of the best internal and external SEO features and functions we’ve ever seen. While it’s possible to get deeply nuanced about SEO, it breaks down like this; There’s internal and external SEO. Internal SEO is...

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Can I Customize My WordPress Website?

Yes. WordPress supports a vast library of Themes, Plugins, and Widgets. Using these purpose built utilities allows you to get the features and functions you need from your website without having to go to the expense of paying a developer. However, BIG caveat, applying...

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Can I Integrate My E-Mail Campaigns?

Can I Integrate My E-Mail Campaigns? Yes. We recommend using the MailChimp e-mail marketing service which offers Plug-ins to connect your lists to subscriber forms on your website and also offers automated RSS email campaigns.  In addition there are a number of 3-rd...

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Can I Integrate Google Analytics?

Can I Integrate Google Analytics? Yes. Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool that track visitor statistics to your website. Please ask about our comprehensive marketing service to help you promote your website, goods and services.

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Are Themes and Templates the Same Thing?

Are themes and templates the same thing? No. Templates define the structure of your website. Themes are like a skin that only affects the look and feel or your website. It is possible to change the theme that is applied to your site but it is not possible to change a...

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