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Video Fusion is the merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements to create a new experience.


Fusion is the art of blending together different media elements to create a new visual experience.  We take your photographs, documents and videos and mix them with additional elements such as music and graphics to produce a striking new multimedia fusion.  We’re all about making great High Definition (HD) Video Fusion for business or for pleasure.


Try selecting 1080p from the YouTube ‘settings’ menu and view full-screen for a spectacular Full-HD experience (bandwidth permitting)

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Video Is The Greatest Online Sales Tool. Period. Ask us about using video to boost your products or services.

Video is everywhere.  It’s in our homes, on our computers and on big screen displays everywhere we look.  Propel Video for Business provides a cost-effective service for business owners, marketing managers and communications directors to deliver new ideas, products and services to target audiences everywhere.  No matter what device your audience is using, we have a video format that fits.  Propel Video for Business is perfect for use in Retail Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Reception areas and POS.

Fusion Video FAQ

Why Fusion Video?

  • Fusion Videos are a really cost effective way to get a professionally produced video for your product or service.
  • Fusion Videos are the perfect tool to promote your business using free Internet portals and services such as YouTube.
  • Start a Fusion Video library today and increase your profits!

What is Fusion Video?

It’s not always practical from a time or cost perspective to shoot on location.  It may also be a requirement to start promoting your video in the shortest possible time.  That’s where Fusion Video come in.  We take advantage of many different marketing and technology resources to deliver a truly attention grabbing video experience on a tight budget.

  • Re-purpose your existing marketing materials
  • Design and execute new visuals where required
  • Edit and transform your existing imagery
  • Supplement with images and video from our massive stock library
  • Incorporate imaginative, mood enhancing soundtracks
  • State-of-the-art video production environment
  • Build a custom marketing program to promote your Fusion Videos

Where can I use my Fusion Video?

Fusion Videos are multipurpose, reusable marketing tools that are easily promoted in today’s digital domain including:

  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Promote on Face Book
  • Add them into your Blog
  • Incorporate into your website
  • Smart-Phone and iPhone
  • Available DVD-Ready ISO Images for DVD burning
  • Great for trade shows
  • Perfect for in-store promotion using Digital Signage

What are the steps?

After a brief consultation where we set expectations, the process moves very fast – so hang onto your hat!

  • Gather raw marketing material and imagery
  • Edit and execute all materials
  • Produce your Fusion Video
  • Upload you Fusion Video for review and Approval
  • Go Live!

What If I don’t have time to promote my Fusion Video?

E2Marketing has years of expertise in marketing and promoting products and services.  We have turnkey marketing programs starting at low monthly rates that will effectively and efficiently promote your business.

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