How Old Is Your Website – In Google Years

According to Moore’s Law, a principle upheld by INTEL, the number of transistors that can fit on a silicone chip doubles every 2 years.

If this axiom is true for microprocessors, it’s doubly true for software. Software is advancing at an alarming rate and new developments in browsers, web-technologies and CMS’ means easier and better ways to bring new and exciting experiences to web visitors.

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But what if your website is a couple of years old? Well in web years it’s ancient – think about it, in the past 2 years we’ve seen Windows 8, Android KitKat, iOS7, MAC OSX 10, all offering refreshing new interfaces and UX (user experience). So, if your website is even a couple of years old it’s well overdue for and overhaul.

Overhaulin’ Your Website

If your website was built using a CMS like WordPress, getting a new look and feel is not such a big deal. This is because with a CMS, the data and the design are somewhat separate.

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This usually means that a WordPress professional can add a new and updated Theme to your website giving it a fresh new look without loosing all the content you have spent years developing.

Review your Call to Action

On each of your websites pages, do you have a clear next step? Maybe it is to pick up the phone and place a call, perhaps it is to buy a product or fill out a contact form? Make sure there is something the user can do next. Sometimes it’s as simple as making sure your phone number and address are visible and easy to access

Add Mobile Support to Your Website

Today, more than 50% of your website traffic is probably coming from mobile devices – sure your website will probable display in your visitors phone but all that scrolling and pinching is not welcome anymore. What you need a website that will work equally well on a phone as it does on a desktop. We use responsive design to achieve this – it’s not perfect but like all the other software we use, it’s getting mush better.

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Add Social Share options

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (I some of have been), you’ll understand the importance of sharing your content to multiple social channels. This can be a cumbersome prospect unless you have a simple automated solution. Also make sure your visitors can easily share your content to their social channels.

Get Google Analytics

Google analytics is such a useful tool that it will literally change the way you look at your website.  It will tell you exactly how many visitors you are getting, what they are looking at and for how long. In adition you can set alerts to advise you when certain conditions are met, for example when web visitor reach over 500 per day.

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