How much will my website cost?

"How much will it cost?" This is often the first question a new client asks. Typically the answer is "It depends". Building a website is a lot like building a house - the contractor is going to have a lot of questions. How many bedroom and bathrooms will you need,...

Inline CSS tips to trick out your WordPress posts

If you’ve built even the simplest WordPress website, You’ve probably come across a scenario where you or your client would like to alter the appearance of elements on the site. Styling is done using CSS code (Cascading Style Sheet). When the website visitors browser reads a style sheet, it formats the post according to the information in the style sheet. Depending on what you’re changing, there are a number of ways to accomplish this. In most cases you’d be working with a child theme and that will allow you to update the child theme’s CSS file with the new or modified CSS code.

Cool ‘Hidden’ WordPress options

The one tip that could make your Wordpress admin experience 100% better.

Okay, they’re not really ‘Hidden’ but unless you’re the inquisitive type, you’ll probably never ‘Discover’ them. I’ve been building and administering Wordpress sites for years and I totally love the way the system is improving over time. If you work on Wordpress only occasionally or if you’re just not a button-clicker, then you’ll really appreciate this simple tip.

ITPalooza Update – WordPress for Dummies II – Hack my site

Challenge: I’ll be handing out my account credentials and inviting you to hack my site. Are you up to the challenge? Website security is a complex issue made worse by the many components that make up a web-services platform, in this session, we’ll look at some of the precautions you can take to protect your WordPress website and mitigate risk. Last year we had a full-house, this year we’ll cram as much as possible into our allotted 50 mins.

How to beat the Shellshock Bug – with a stick

The Shellshock vulnerability potentially affects all UNIX and POSIX-compliant (and nearly-POSIX-compliant) operating systems, including OS X, Linux, Cygwin for Windows and Microsoft POSIX subsystem. So that’s pretty much the entire internet and all connected devices. The Shellshock ‘Bug’ is an exploit of an original design feature that was built into the bash shell by developer, Brian Fox in 1989 as a way to export functions. Because bash is favored by most UNIX and Linux developers, it is the de facto standard shell in almost all distributions…

Seriously, a OnePage website?

There are many situations in which a single page website is preferable (and more beneficial) than a traditional multi-page solution. As WordPress consultants, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what we can do as opposed to what’s needed. This is where listening to the clients requirements becomes really important.

Cyber Security for People

Cyber security is a hot-ticket item and for good reason; every device connected to the public Internet is vulnerable to attack by hackers. How can you protect yourself and your family from cyber attacks? For the purposes of this article, lets separate your cyber vulnerability into 3 categories.

WordPress 4.0 released – Should You Care?

WordPress 4 codenamed ‘Benny’, after big band leader Benny Goodman, is now available – but why should you care? Having worked in the software industry since 1982, nothing is more wildly anticipated than new releases of software we rely on daily. Going back through the decades, I can offer some really interesting examples:- MS-DOS 4.0, AT&T UNIX SystemVR4.2, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, SCO Open Server 5. What made these releases standout is that they offered significant departure from the past development branch, bringing not only a new set of possibilities to developers but a better experience for the end-user.

Faceted Search for your WordPress Website

Facet search – made popular by sites like and – is a tried and tested method of easily getting users directly to the content they need by giving them a sidebar full of separate “facets” to narrow their search by. This strategy delivers strong results for eCommerce sites, but it can be used for organizing any type of content.

How Old Is Your Website – In Google Years

According to Moore's Law, a principle upheld by INTEL, the number of transistors that can fit on a silicone chip doubles every 2 years. If this axiom is true for microprocessors, it's doubly true for software. Software is advancing at an alarming rate and new...

Low self esteem? You better not read this.

Marketing 101 Perception is reality--If we think something is great, it is. Everyone following our page has something to sell, whether it's a product or an image. Image is how other people, like customers or employers, perceive us, image is important because like it...

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