GlobalPlas Canada Gets New Responsive Website

GlobalPlas Canada Gets New Responsive Website

Created over 3 years ago, GlobalPlas’ first website had a simple mandate of offering a web presence.  Over the intervening years the site has had almost no love.  This lead to the decommissioning of several pages of redundant content.  Fast forward to the present and a dynamic young account manager, John Hunjan,  is given the task to overhaul the site.  His mandate is simple – build a website to ‘Support and Inform’, keep it clean and lean but most of all make sure it’s built on a platform the allows GlobalPlas to easily manage the content.

I introduced WordPress along with responsive design to create a single point of presence that addresses all connected devices from smart phone and tablets to desktops.  The responsive design saves buckets of cash and negates the need to manage multiple websites or use 3rd party services to create mobile content.  One interesting idea around responsive design is the notion that less is more – if you follow the media you will know that mobile is where it’s at and wordy monolithic paragraph serve no purpose. GlobalPlas website is simple, containing everything a potential client needs to know without offering tons of overbearing information that serves little purpose.

Once all the logic is in place, WordPress provides a CMS platform that makes it easy for a customer to manage their own content.  Sure there are a few gotchas but throw into the mix and we cover that in a couple of hours of online training.   The site’s design allows ‘news updates’ to be easily added and displayed in the sidebar.

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