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I’m a pretty good cyclist – and I like to get out there whenever I get a chance.  That tends to be at rather odd…

Thursday, Oct 07

I’m a pretty good cyclist – and I like to get out there whenever I get a chance.  That tends to be at rather odd times, so I miss the regulars who ride according to a strict time regiment.  The upside is that I meet an eclectic assortment of riders, who, like me are grabbing an opportunity to do something they love.

The other day I was planning a short ride that turned into a 105 mile ‘megathon’ during which I met Ernie.  Ernie and I exchanged the usual pleasantries and finally (inevitably) got onto the subject of the economy.  Ernie was explaining to me what his company does; essentially they sell a complex financial instrument aimed at the mega wealthy and successful corporations.
This give me an opportunity to expound on the benefits of Digital Video Marketing.  In Ernie’s case, his customers want a precise, succinct and unambiguous explanation of the product.
BOOM! enter Digital Video.
To quote my old mate Guy Whitcroft,Video will be huge: a personal belief of mine is that it is a VERY under-used resource and that using it effectively can greatly improve information dissemination for companies. For example, a simple 2-3 minute video can get a relatively complex topic across quite simply, and it doesn’t have to be expensive to produce’ – well put Guy.
He’s absolutely right, Video is a great medium for simplifying complex messages.  But don’t stop there.  Video is also superb at delivering marketing messages, product information, service messages and general information.  what’s more, video can address any market sector making it a very broad-based product.
Perhaps the best thing about Digital Video is how easy it is to adapt for use in various environments.  Everything from SmartPhones to laptops, TV to Digital Signage, hell, you can even burn it onto a DVD if that’s what your audience requires.
Digital Video is also relatively inexpensive to produce and given its versatility can you really afford not start building your channel today?

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