My Three Digital Signage Wishes for 2012

1. Sell hard financial benefits: In order to see the digital signage sector continue to grow the community need to work at reducing the cost of ownership (TCO), improving the return on investment (ROI) and simplifying the content work-flow.nbsp; It’s no longer sufficient for companies to promise ‘targeted marketing’ or ‘customized message delivery’, the smart digital signage companies will be offering a provable cost analysis matrix based on realistic TCO and ROI – that’s what’s needed to win over the skeptics and get large roll-outs moving through the accountant’s office.

2. Develop some standards: Standards are a really good thing – they protect consumers, they help buyers sort the wheat from the chaff and they ensure interoperability.  You only have to cast your mind back to the computers of the 1980’s to see what a mess we would be in without standards.

3. Roll-out Android: Android is perhaps the most pervasive operating system in the world – a Linux derivative that contains all the libraries to manage complex communications, accelerated graphics and multi-touch displays.  Android promises to deliver tremendous value and real financial benefits to our community.  Digital Signage is a rapidly expanding sector filled with opportunity for the major players including: Hardware manufacturers, Software developers, Content providers, Network operators, Advertising agencies, Installation and maintenance, Engineering services; The list is pretty impressive and filled with some heavy-hitters.  I’m sure that in amongst such a distinguished list of sectors are the resource to make my humble wishes come true.

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