Social networking has the potentiality to connect you with thousands of people that you otherwise would never be able to reach.  With a little effort to build, maintain and grow your network you will soon be connected to people in your interest group.

LinkedIn, the brainchild of PayPal co-founder, Reid Hoffman, has added a great plug-in that helps both applicants and employers to simplify the application process.  The Apply with LinkedIn button allows applicants to leverage their profiles when applying for positions and also shows them a list of contact that they can message to request a referral – this can improve an applicants chances of getting an interview.

This is a great example of how plug-ins or API’s can improve the workflow of a process by offering interoperability between previously disconnected environments.  It’s really easy for companies and job-boards to add this feature and it improves the process for both parties.

Steve Earle is Sales and Marketing Consultant at E2Marketing, Steve(at)


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