Can you say “My customers are happy!”?

After several years of avoiding my phone bill – what you don’t know can’t hurt you (right!) – I was forced to take a look following a barrage of marketing material from Vonage.   What I found was not only a revelation but a complete shock.  I won’t bore you with the detail, suffice to say I was paying for services and features that I had not used since Lincoln stopped shaving.
Who Cares?  You right, it’s not important other than to illustrate an few interesting points.
1. There’s often a disconnect between customer service call center reps and the company they represent.  On concluding my call the rep asked “How would you rate my service today?.  Now that’s a loaded question.  The assumption being that good service on the part of the customer service rep equals good service from the phone company – WRONG!!!
2. Good service should be proactive. Good service from the phone company would include an occasional courtesy call advising me that I am paying for features and service that “our records show you have not used in quite some time” – and “Would you like me to cancel that option sir?”
3. Follow-up.  After my call I had the mental image of the ubiquitous service rep tearing the note sheet off the pad, scrunching the sheet two-handed into a neat ball and Michael Jordan-ing it into the trash. Of course I’ll never know.  Unless I received a follow-up confirmation in the mail – thanking me for the opportunity to be of service.
I would offer that a simple form placed under a “feed-back” button could be the most valuable on-line service tool a small business could have – try it!

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