How much will my website cost?

How much will my website cost?

“How much will it cost?” This is often the first question a new client asks.

Typically the answer is “It depends”.

Building a website is a lot like building a house – the contractor is going to have a lot of questions. How many bedroom and bathrooms will you need, what about the fixtures and fittings, do you require home-automation, controlled lighting, etc.

We have a simple structure for managing the proposal and quotation process:

  • We will arrange a consultation with a web designer who will walk you through the requirements and options.
  • We will prepare a statement of work including, client responsibilities, deliverables, and term of payment for your approval
  • Based on the client approved statement of work we will prepare a quote for the website project
  • Once the quote is accepted and the deposit received we will begin preparing your website.
  • The website will be built on our staging servers and once final approval is granted and the invoice balance is paid, we will move the website to your live domain

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