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Last time we discussed some simple platforms that you can use to start a blog–you did start a blog right. We also discussed why you might go to such lengths and what benefit it would bring your clients.

This week I want to discuss several effective ways of marketing your blog.

Sharing your Blog

This seems pretty obvious, yet it’s surprising how many bloggers forget to share their posts on Facebook or LinkedIn channels. Here I’ll show you an automated way to publish your post to your social sites so you’ll never forget to push them out there.

Jet Pack

If you’re using’s cloud service or self-hosted WordPress as your blog platform, you can make use of the Jet Pack suite of applications. In particular the ‘Publicize’ and ‘Sharing’ modules–both are free to users of If you have a self-hosted WordPress site you can still use Jet Pack but you will need to link your website to a account.

Jetpack’s Jet Pack tool kit contains many useful modules



Jet Pack’s ‘Publicize’ module let’s you easily connect to your favorite social accounts and automates the posting process. This ensures you’ll never again forget to publish a post.


Jet Pack’s ‘Publicize’ automates sharing to social sites



Jet Pack’s ‘Sharing’ module adds social sharing buttons to selected areas of your website. You can chosse to add the share buttons to only blog posts or also to pages and other areas. Another nice touch is the ability to add a print button and an email button.

Jet Pack’s ‘Sharing’ module explained



Adding Jet Pack’s Sharing options is a great way to encourage sharing



Inviting blog visitors to leave comments on you blog posts is a good way to create and interactive dialog with you subscribers. If you do this, you should take some steps to prevent unwanted ‘spam’ comments. There are a number of things you can do including setting up your blog to allow comments only to users who are signed up for an account, holding comments for moderation and installing a paid service spam filter like ‘Akismet’.

These 3 methods will certainly get exposure for your blog posts with your core social media following. Next week, I’ll discuss how to use email marketing to create a newsletter built around your blog.

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