Elevate Consulting, a South Florida consulting company, recently received a shiny mew website. The new site is built on the WordPress core with additional features coming from themes and plugins.  The purpose of the site is to replace the existing site with one that can be easily modified and provide the site owners with the ability to easily add new content and events.


Sidebar Menus

Navigation – The site consist of over 70 pages in 7 main categories. We decided to add per category side-bar menus to augment the multi-level drop down menu’s and to make the task of navigation simpler and more convenient. In addition, we added a gallery page that allows visitors to view all pages as thumbnails.

Thought Leadership – This section offers the visitor many interesting articles and resources.

Events – We added a flexible Event calendar that is listed as a poster-board in its own tab as well as offering selected events in some sidebars.

Newsletter Subscription – MailChimp provides email marketing services and a very useful ‘subscription pligin that, through an API allows subscription to a selected list.

Child Theme – The site is heavily modified with custom graphics, color scheme, fonts, footer , menus and navigation.

Upcoming Events

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