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Read the original post on the South Florida Technology Alliance website Steve Earle, Founder and Marketing Director at E2Marketing and Alex Funkhouser, President SherlockTech Staffing…

Wednesday, Apr 24

Read the original post on the South Florida Technology Alliance website

Steve Earle, Founder and Marketing Director at E2Marketing and Alex Funkhouser, President SherlockTech Staffing

This is a success story of many small victories

In 2009 Steve Earle started E2Marketing with the simple idea of offering marketing services to small companies. He first met Alex at the December 2009 SFTA Holiday Networking Party in Fort Lauderdale. He was promoting a client’s product, ‘DigiTag’, a digital name tag ideal for networking events, trade-shows and retail workers. The name tag had the desired effect of attracting a lot of attention and making it easy to engage in conversation. The name tag had caught Alex’s attention and he called Steve the next day for more information.

Video: They arranged to meet at Alex’s Miami Beach office where Alex expressed an interest in engaging E2Marketing in a few promotional activities. One of their first projects was to develop some digital assets that could be use to promote SherlockTech in various mediums. They decided to produce a video to position SherlockTech as the category leader and explain the complex but effect relationship SherlockTech has with the South Florida tech community and how it benefits both job seekers and IT hiring managers. The popularity of the video was soon eclipsed by its accompanying Gag Reel.

Newsletter: At the end of 2010 Steve took over the weekly newsletter production. During the intervening years and thanks to the aggressive work by SherlockTech’s dedicated team, they have grown newsletter subscriptions from 12,000 to over 25,000 with expected delivery of over 1.3 million newsletters for 2013.

Re-branding: Early in 2011 they embarked on a re-branding campaign with the goal of bringing the SherlockTech brand to a broader cross-section of the South Florida tech community. They re-invented the SherlockTech logo into a cleaner, simpler version that better fits digital 2.0 environments and is easier to present in either color or monochrome.

Social Media: Social Media is a great channel for delivering information to our core followers and it has the added benefit of driving traffic to our website. Steve tries to develop as much original content as possible or at least to host as much content as is practical on our website. We can use this content in various channels, knowing it will always flow back to us.

New website: In May 2012, Steve was proud to be a part of a dedicated team of South Florida professionals that launched the all new SherlockTech website. The website is based on a responsive design and integrates a flexible event calendar that has become the source for many other resources including SFTA newsletter and E2Marketing’s own TEKZEEN – promoting South Florida as a world-class Technology Hub.

ITPalooza 12/12/12: To end a successful 2012 SherlockTech Staffing and E2Marketing were part of the organizing committee that launched ITPalooza. What an event! ITPalooza, South Florida’s Holiday Party and IT Networking event brought together over 50 volunteers, 60 user groups, 51 corporate sponsors, 3 charities and 1500 of south Florida’s hottest IT professionals. Alex. who lead the effort, did so with humor and patience and guided the committee to produce a successful year-end event for all of the South Florida IT community. “E2Marketing took on the role of Webmaster, responsible for developing the ITPalooza website and all its content, we also took on the responsibility of most of the graphic design including all sponsor certificates and marketing materials.”

I’m happy to report that ITPalooza will be back this year 12/12/13.

A final note: Alex says if you support the community the community will support you. My experience with ITPalooza bears this out as shortly after the event, E2Marketing landed 2 new clients, Vista Technology and Elevate Consulting – Thank you South Florida!

Alex Funkhouser, SherlockTech Staffing 305-651-6500, Alex@SherlockTech.com

Steve Earle, E2Marketing 954-806-2188, Steve@E2mktg.com

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