The other day my friend Ernie bought a new bicycle carrying rack for his car.  He shopped the usual Internet suspects but bought the rack from a company that had a video review of the rack showing how easy it is to install and use.

As if confirmation of what I already know were needed, I recently attended a local social media marketing event and the presenter put up a slide with some very interesting survey results.  The participants polled were asked what social media sites they frequently used to promote their business:

51% Facebook
29% Blogs
27% LinkedIn
26% Twitter
16% YouTube

It’s clear that the growth opportunity is in YouTube.  Only 16% of respondents are using YouTube as a social media marketing tool!  There are probably many reasons for this but the most obvious it that producing professional quality video is not so easy and most business do not have access to the neccessary resources to ‘do-it-yourself’.

Creating custom graphics, animation, scripting, lighting, voice-over and post-production are all technical skills that require creativity, training and specialized equipment and software.  While there are some on-line service, they are far from satisfactory and only allow you to create a video slide-show using uploaded or stock images.

Who are the 16%? They are the savvy guys who understand the power of video.

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