Video marketing delivers complex content in an informative and entertaining way.  The multimedia nature of video makes it more engaging than regular text-based communications.  Even the addition of dramatic images cannot compete with a well produced video experience.  Video is also a very marketable product in its own right – you can promote a video through any of the popular digital media channels and get instant feed-back about the videos popularity – something you could never achieve through regular communication channels.

It used to be that marketeers had limited content distribution options – TV, radio, print, OoH and direct mail marketing…  Today, digital marketing has created new channels for content distribution and with them new challenges and frustrations.  The benefits are quite obvious but bear restating.

1. Cost effective – bits are cheaper to organize and send than paper
2. Wide reaching – easy to touch diverse interest groups and geographies
3. Measurable results – feedback make it easy to gauge response
4. Follow-up – easy lead generation with follow-up details
5. It’s green! – digital marketing lives on an existing infrastructure and requires no paper or plastic

Let’s face it, if you haven’t been exposed to some kind of digital marketing, you don’t live in the same universe as the rest of us (lucky you).  Marketeers are taking full advantage of the many new channels through which content can be delivered.  This includes mobile phones, smart phones, digital signage and the now ubiquitous Internet.  It is widely reported that the Internet will reach 2 billion users this year or about 1/3 of the world’s population – the obvious antithesis is that 2/3 of the population are excluded!

All this transparency does have a down side; there are concerns over privacy, increased competition for eye’s-on and an ever discerning audience who are rapidly developing attention deficit for anything beyond 140 chars.

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