Why you should use QR codes

If you’re in marketing chances are you know what QR codes are.  QR codes are high-contrast images that can be scanned by smart-phones and other devices and can direct a smart-phone scanner app to a website or other resource.

This is incredibly useful in all manner of marketing scenarios and immediately offers marketers valuable feed-back without going to the expense of costly biometrics.

QR codes are particularly useful to the Digital Signage industry – many advertisers have looked to Digital Signage as a means of engaging customers in a two-way conversation.  By implementing QR codes, retailers and advertisers will get information about what customers and consumers are scanning and the impact of that interaction.

Because QR codes can be printed on almost anything and read by almost any consumer phone or smart-phone (a small app must be installed – they are plentiful and free) the opportunity to deliver additional consumer experiences is unlimited.  Additionally, the scanned codes are saved by the app for review by consumers at any time.

Their use in anything from museum exhibits to restaurant menus may make the traditional kiosk obsolete as more and more consumers are carrying what amounts to a kiosk in their pocket.

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